Day of Traditional medicine: Five-day exhibition in Yaounde

On the occasion of the African Day of Traditional Medicine, a five-day exhibition is on-going at the Faculty of Medicine and Bio-medical Sciences of the University of Yaounde 1.

On the stands are several medicines to treat recurrent illnesses. Amongst the many products are six most important ones; African Panaxia, Huile de Neem Pur, SP Vene Pow, Essigam, Guempuliba and Roi des herbes.

Visitors at the exhibition stands were updated on the strength of these medicines essentially composed of plants.

  • African Panaxia

It is a broad-spectrum medicine composed of water, ginseng roots and plants.

The varied composition treats gastric ulcer and skin diseases.

  •  Huile de Neem Pur

It is an antibiotic and it is also used as a skin product.

It has 35 active ingredients for the treatment of various forms of skin infections.

Experts recommend a six-month treatment for extreme cases.

  • SP Vene Pow

It is another antibiotic, this time to treat sexual transmittable diseases like syphilis, gonorrhoea, and chlamydia.

  •  Essigam

It is a combination of the outer layers of stems and roots of woody plants produced to treat fever and malaria.

  • Le Guempuliba

It is another medicine that has been composed for the treatment of typhoid.

  •  Roi des herbes

It is medicine composed for the physical and spiritual wellness of the consumer.

The African Day of Traditional Medicine, apart from the exhibition was an opportunity for the experts to meet and exchange notes on issues concerning their sector.

For the first time, a National Syndicate of Traditional Medicine Practitioners was created.

This syndicate was created to place traditional medicine at the forefront.

The traditional medicine practitioners saluted the fact that government recognised the importance of this form of treatment as seen through the creation of a Faculty to train traditional medicine practitioners at the Faculty of Medicine and Bio-medical Sciences of the University of Yaounde 1.

Dr Walter Songweh, Secretary General of the National Syndicate for Medicine and President of REPAMP Cameroon sounded upbeat about the positioning of traditional medicine in today’s modern society.

“If we receive financial assistance, we can do more in the health domain given that Cameroon is blessed with natural resources,” said Dr Walter Songweh.

Essomba Jean-Baptiste, President of the Association of Doctors and Traditional Practitioners also stated that traditional medicine remains the best form of treatment because it is composed of natural ingredients.

Sonia Teyou (Intern)

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