Enhancing Development: C2D invest 500 billion between 2006 – 2016

The Debt Relief and Development Contract, C2D has contributed in Infrastructural Development, the promotion of rural programmes, the modernization of public finances; enhancing competitiveness of the private sector and improving the skills of the workforce.

Between 2006 and 2016, more than 500 billion CFA francs was invested to fight poverty in Cameroon. Professional training has witnessed a hike thanks to the first two contracts with ten thousand plus inhabitants trained in diverse fields.

It has also reduced the financial burden on thousands of pregnant women through health checks put at their disposal, 6000 francs is what they have to disburse for a package that initially cost 60.000 F CFA.

The construction or rehabilitation of classrooms in different localities has been hailed while more teachers were recruited into the public service.

In the area of infrastructural development, the partial funding of the construction of the bridge over the Wouri, 2000km of rural roads rehabilitated, 900km of constructed, waste water management structures improved, 52 thousand m2 of green space developed, bore holes constructed as well as urban development projects nationwide some projects financed by C2D.

The debt reduction and development contract in its third phase targets poverty alleviation to improve the living condition of the population while public debts remain sustainable. In ten years of implementation is perceived to be beneficial for the country’s economic drive.

Elvis Teke



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