Insecurity: Government Investigates Second Video on Extrajudicial killings

The Minister of Communication , Issa Tchiroma has stated that government is currently investigating a second video showing what appears to be extrajudicial killings by soldiers.He made the statement during a press briefing on Friday, 16th August 2018 in Yaoundé.

The government spokesperson’s statement comes days after a second video showing scenes that appear to be extrajudicial killings, was released.

In the video, some individuals suspected to be soldiers are seen firing on a group of people placed against a wall.

To demonstrate government’s comitment to the truth, the Minister stated;

“In compliance with the implementation of unwavering instructions given by the Head of State, an investigation is open and at the end of it, we will determine the responsibility of the army in case it is demonstrated that this gruesome action has been committed by a handful of the elements of our army”.

The video which has gone viral on social media is alleged to have been shot in the Far North Region of Cameroon where the military is combatting the Islamist Sect, Boko Haram.

Investigations opened will determine if the alledged soldiers are, of the Cameroonian army.

Cameroonians have been saluting the bravery of the predominently disciplined army for upholding Cameroon’s territorial intergrity and fighting armed groups in the two english speaking regions.


The Army once Again on the Limelight

Its  a few weeks since the latest accusation of extrajudicial killings levied on elements of the Cameroonians army went viral on social media.

This second video comes on the hills of another video figuring two soldiers executing two women and children.
Overwhelmed by the degree of atrocity, government carried out an investigation and acknowledged that the killings were perpetrated by some misguided soldiers in the Far North Region.

The soldiers identified, including a lieutenant and a sergeant were arrested to face the court of law.

Kathy Neba Sina

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