Presidential election 2018: Two days to appeal ELECAM’s decision

The Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon rejected 18 candidacy files for the 7th October 2018 presidential election. The candidates are left with two options; accept the verdict of ELECAM or appeal at the Constitutional Council.

According to Article 129 of the Electoral Code, applicants whose candidacy files have been rejected by the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon may appeal to the Constitutional Council within 48 hours of the date of publication of candidatures.

Potential applicants who wish to petition the decision made public by ELECAM on Tuesday, 7th August 2018 have until Thursday, 9th August to file their appeals to the Constitutional Council.

The Electoral Code also specifies that, claims related to the rejection or acceptance of a presidential candidacy in Cameroon should contain reasons for the rejection or acceptance.

Appeals that are deposited after the two day deadline will be deem inadmissible by the Constitutional Council.

According to the law, candidates who file petitions to the Constitutional Council should specify the facts and the means alleged and copies of the petition shall be communicated to all parties concerned by any expedient means.

The petition will be deposited at the Constitutional Council against a receipt. The Council will notify Elections Cameroon of the petition.

The supreme body that has the final ruling has a maximum period of 10 days following the filing of the request to publish its report after hearing the different parties.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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