SODECAO: new management team commissioned

A new management team has been installed at the head of the Cocoa Development Corporation, SODECAO. The new team led by the new board chairman, Ngba Zacharie include, Jean Claude Eko’o Akouafane as the new Director General, and Enang James Enang as the Deputy Director General.

The three men were installed by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Henri Eyebe Ayissi during a ceremony in Yaoundé.
The minister instructed the new officials to work as a team and enable SODECAO to attain its missions of training and assisting cocoa farmers increase the volume and quality of cocoa produced in Cameroon.

The target set by the Government to the Cocoa Development Corporation is to double cocoa production from the current annual production of about 300 thousand tonnes to a projected 600 thousand tonnes by 2025.

The new Director General, Jean Claude Eko’o Akoufane is the former Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. He takes over from Jerome Mvondo who served as Director General for more than twelve years; he was appointed in January 2006.

Jean Claude Eko’o Akoufane was born in Enongal in Ebolowa in September 1957. He trained at the National School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM as a senior civil administrator. He once served as Director of General Affairs as well as Technical Adviser at the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Deputy Director General, Enang James Enang, is an Agronomy Engineer. He was born in Buea in the South West region of Cameroon in September 1970. He his appointment at SODECAO, he served as Technical Adviser Number One in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The new chairman of the board director of the Cocoa Development Corporation is a retired senior Treasury inspector. He was born in the East region in 1953.

All three officials appointed by the Head of State, were commissioned during a ceremony attended by the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, and other members of government.

Finance Minister Eyebe Ayissi paid tribute to the former Board Chairperson, Joseph Charles Doumba who passed on in March 2017.

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