Youth and development : First Forum on decentralization and development holds

The first forum on youth and local development held in Yaounde on Thursday 30th August 2018.

The event was organised on the theme , ” Youth Approach to Decentralized Partnership”.

The forum was organized by the Cameroon Youth Network on Decentralization.

Participants grouped from different youth associations nationwide explored opportunities for youth involvement in local development.

The panel discussions, debates and round table discussions focused on
an increased need for youth participation in local development.

Decentralization and Local development has increasingly been government’s focus. During discussions, the youth identified some key areas that favour collaboration with the government.

Some national and international stakeholders withessed the debates with the same call for more youth involvement in decentralization and local development.

The participants also elaborated a national plan on the sensitization and training of youths on Decentralization and local development.

The Cameroon Youth Network on Decentralization

The Cameroon Youth Network on Decentralization was founded in 2010 by Landry Mepui Abah.
He is a researcher in governance, a specialist in Decentralization and a writer.The network was also created to have the Youths  embrace three fundamental values; integrity, responsibility and solidarity .


Kathy Neba Sina

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