2018/2019 academic year : Government discusses school resumption

Members of government have finalized modalities for an effective start of the 2018/2019 school year.

The cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Philemon Yang focused on issues related to the new school year.

The Ministers incharge of education made presentations on the
# 2017/2018 school year
#preparations for the present 2018/2019 year.

Schools officially resume on Monday, 3rd October for Nursery, Primary and secondary schools. Meanwhile, the higher education institutions begin 1st October 2018 to end 31st July 2019.

Cabinet Ministers were acquainted with reforms introduced in the Higher education domain. These include;

# The take off of the Directorate of the Pan-African University.
# The start of Cameroon-Congo interstate University project
# Government’s intention to enroll 70,000 new University Students
# Professionalistion of lectures.

The Ministry of Secondary Education has equally crafted four new reforms to be implemented during the new school year.

# Electronic payment of fees
# The institution of the “clean school concept” to favour moral, intellectual and physical values among students

# Introduction of new pedagogic measures that strengthen professionalism in the teaching of official languages
# Introduction of cyber-citezenship in the school syllabus

At the Ministry of Basic Education, officials are working to make the following reforms effective.
# The one -book policy
# The training 15,000 teachers on the new curricula in primary and pre-school
# The construction of eight hundred and forty classrooms to cost over twelve billion francs
# The acquisition of minimum packages for government primary schools.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Yang cautioned ministers against the frequent movement of teachers to other ministries . He referred the ministers to circular No 005/CABIPM of 5th June 2014 on the transfer of teachers within the administration.

As the countdown to school resumption narrows, all stakeholders and government officials are each in their various capacities working to ensure a hitch free black to school.

Kathy Neba Sina

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