2018 Back to school: Tough start for first time pupils

School resumption is a special period for pupils and students who are expected to break away from the morning rest and other leisure activities and get to the benches.

It is especially difficult for children of pre-nursery who are subjected to an all new daily programme.

Difficult to separate with Parents and familiar faces at home, these children always resist the abrupt change, reasons why the shouts and wailing in nursery schools can be deafening.

At “Les Salomons” one of the many schools having the nursery section, the beginning of the 2018/2019 academic year was tough for children, teachers and the administrative staff.


Parents started dropping off their children before  7a.m for effective classes to begin  at 7:30 a.m.

Teachers stood at the gate to welcome the kids into campus.

After the farewell embrace,  loud screamings were heard in most of the classrooms.

The teachers, most of them female, fortunately master the technics to comfort the weeping children.

These children are flattered with candies and biscuits, they must feel good in the new environment .

The official age for admission for pre-nursery children is three years but many are younger, little wonder.

The school head-teacher Festus Mbunwe, says at the pre-nursery level the teaching is more of demonstration and practicals.

The children are also taught to sing and dance before siesta by midday.

Most schools have issued a badge to each parent to be presented at the school gate before the children are led home at the end of the day.

By 1p.m, the pre-nursery kids were free to go back home.

At the end of day-one for the 2018-2019 school year for very young pupils, much is left to be seen and learnt.

The kids shall gradually get familiar with the new environment and make new friends.

Sonia Teyou (Intern)

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