2018 Presidential Election: ADD flag bearer, Haman Garga Adji in Lagdo

The Presidential hopeful for the ADD party, Garga Haman Adji has pulled crowds in ladgo, 33 kilo metres from Garoua.

Mr Haman Garga Adji was in the north region for the first time since the launch of the campaigns on Saturday 22nd September 2018.

In the region, the campaign caravan first visited the Lagdo Hydro- electricity power plant.

He says energy is an all important factor in the industrialisation of the country, a socio-economic project that the candidate holds so dear.

Garga Haman Adji says the Lagdo hydro-electricity power plant has the potential of supplying energy to all three regions north of Cameroon if the plant is judiciously exploited.

If elected President therefore, the repeated power outage and other energy challenges will be a thing of the past, the ADD candidate decleared.

From the hydro-electricity power plant structure, the Garga led musical caravan made a triumphant entry into the Lagdo town.

Along the streets, the muslim community identified with the musical beats of the region, though defeaning.

“President Garga” many children and excited onlookers shouted, heading towards the moving car.

In a light hearted manner, the presidential candidate stopped at every instance to greet and convince the population of the small town to vote for him.

He shoke hands with some in the crowds, distributed ADD party flyers and exchanged pleasantries mostly in the local fulfude language.

Darkness fell but the campaign caravan continued turns through the streets of Lagdo.

The ADD presidential hopeful is expected in Guider, Mora, Tibati and other parts of the Far North Region.

Benly Anchunda