2018 Presidential Election: Cabral Libii resumes campaign

After observing a day off campaign activities, the presidential candidate for the UNIVERS party Cabral Libii and team resumes campaign 26th August 2018.

The announcement was made after an in- camera meeting with top officials of the UNIVERS party on Tuesday 25th September 2018.

The meeting which took place at the party’s headquarters in Nkolndongo, Yaounde, examined the party’s performance four days into the campaign.

The two worrying issues were identified; security and first aid during campaign rallies.

Mr Libii said his initial campaign programme of 24th to 26th September will be rescheduled.

Campaign activities resumes this Wednesday 26th September in Mfoundi after which the team will leave for other regions.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

4 pensées sur “2018 Presidential Election: Cabral Libii resumes campaign

  • 26 septembre 2018 à 7 h 02 min

    Relisez vos titres SVP.

    • 26 septembre 2018 à 11 h 07 min

      Merci pour le feedback. C’est fait.

    • 27 septembre 2018 à 2 h 45 min

      OK et surtout merci pour votre remarque


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