Education: A controversial textbook on deviant sex practices comes under attack

A textbook for “5eme,” an equivilent of form two in the english subsystem has come under serious attack from Parents and other members of the civil society.


The text book titled “L’excellence en Sciences” according to critics, contains lessons on some deviant sex practices.

Unbearable to many, parents have reguested that the book to be withdrawn from the curriculum , banned, prohibited and destroyed.
The controversy has further been ignited by tabloids, the radio, television and especially the social media. Some parents hold that the deviant lessons on sex is a subtle influence from the western world to negatively impact the African traditional values which many hold so dear.

The Book: “L’excellence en Sciences”

The 116 page textbook deals with natural science.
The book published by NMI education has been on the curriculum for two years, and still retained by the commission in charge of the one textbook policy.
Arranged in different parts, it is the content of module four dealing with reproductive health care that many find offensive .

The section identifies and defines nine deviant sexual cultural practices to reproductive health namely:
# sodomy
# Fellation
# cunnilingus
# homosexuality
# Pedophilia
# Zoophilia
# Incest
# premature sex

Zoophilia, one of the sexual practices is accompanied by an illustrative photo of a woman and a dog.

The Controversy

Some parents, members of the civil society, politicians and other stakeholders do not agree with this approach to sex education.

This group of parents consider sex education a rather delicate subject that could promote juvenile delinquency and moral decadence.

Two candidates for the presidential election; Maurice Kamto and Cabral Libii have also publicly voiced out their reactions. Maurice Kamto has stated his disapproval for what he considers a disguised perversion of our educational system.

Cabral Libii salutes those who brought the issue to the limelight and calls on education authorities to address the worries of Cameroonians.

Other Parents who are familiar with the content wonder aloud why many are raising hell .

” This book has been in the curriculum for about three years. Cameroonians are making an analogy between the recent educational reform in France and this book. Is it just today that parents are discovering the content of books they buy for their children yearly?Teachers instruct and parents educate, but they have left their job in the hands of the teachers. This book is a preventive measure by the government.Children need to be taught these things else they will discover them in movies, soap operas and the internet.” Mme Ndongo Bella states.

Mr Alex Siewe is a parent who thinks sex Education at 5eme is necessary to combat the negative influence technology has on 21st century children. He agrees with guidance counselors who say most children especially within the ages 9-15 become sexually active without being aware of the consequences.

Officials at the Ministry of Secondary Education have called for calm and have promised to into the section in question.

Kathy Neba Sina

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