2018 Presidential election: Cameroonians salute electoral process

Members of the political elite in Cameroon have described the results of the 7th October presidential election in Cameroon as a victory of democracy. They base their arguments on the openness of the post electoral debates at the constitutional council that preceded the proclamation of results.

Political scientist and Director of the CPDM academy, Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle said that Cameroonians have expressed their choice through the ballot box and a wide majority of them voted in favour of the incumbent. He added that following the proclamation of results every Cameroon should be focused on building a peaceful and prosperous Cameroon that will be like a shining city on the mountain.

Cameroon’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Henry Eyebe Ayissi expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the election. According to him the results illustrate strives made in the building of Cameroon’s democracy. He said Cameroonians have once again proven their maturity by accepting the results of the ballot box.

The electoral process has been tailored to favour the rolling party and does not favour the opposition. The crisis in the NW/SW opposition could not campaign and vote.

Professor Eric Mathias Owona Nguini said that the election was good because each of the actors who had worries were listened to by the constitutional council. It was an important moment of political pedagogy for Cameroonians who had to chance to understand the electoral process through the live broadcast on TV, radio and internet.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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