Digital Communication: Government discusses Youth exposure to social media

The Ministry of Telecommunications, in partnership with Yoomee Cameroon has launched a campaign on the responsible use of social media by youths.


Minister of Telecomuunicstion, Minette Libom Li Likeng addresses the participants

The theme for reflection of the campaign carried out 14th November 2018 was
“The use of social media by youths: risks and opportunities ”

Through conference calls, University students exchanged with Secondary school students from two seperate venues in Yaounde.

Nna Franck Landry,IT Specialist

Discussions centred on four areas ;

# Module 1
Social Media and E-Reputation
# Module 2
The manipulation of information: the issue of fake news.
# Module Three
Social media: the regulatory framework
# Module four
The notion of community management

Responsible use of social media: The take-home message

During interactions, the youths were schooled on the risks and opportunities of communication through the social media.

At the end of the discussions, the Minister emphasized government’s resolve to monitor and promote the appropriate use of social media platforms.

” E-reputation is very important on social media. Youths should behave like good citizens”.
Acknowledging the importance of communication on social media, the Minister of Telecommunication advised the youth to avail themselves of the positive side of the social media.

“We need to have young people who are well trained and are aware of many opportunities on social media.They should refrain from destabilizing the country through uncivic behavior, and pay attention to what is important to them on the social media”.

The encounter is the first in a series of campaigns to be organized nationwide.

Kathy Neba Sina

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