2018 end of year festivities : Egusi Pudding, a delicacy for the season

Egusi pudding is a traditional dish widely enjoyed in Cameroon and other West African countries. It is one of the dishes you are likely to find in almost every occasion. Your family will certainly love to have some Egusi pudding this festive season.

Egusi pudding is made from shelled pumpkin seeds (egusi) .


# 3 cups Egusi
# 1/4 kg boiled beef chopped into small sizes
# A cup of smoked fish
# A handful of crayfish
# Salt and pepper to taste
# 1 egg( optional)
# 8-10 pieces of plantain leaves


1) Boil beef with salt till tender
2) Grind Egusi seeds in a grain mill or blender and put in a bowl
3) Add the stock, beef, fish , crayfish and thoroughly mix with a wooden spoon till paste gets a fairly dropping consistency
4) Add salt, seasoning cubes and pepper to taste
5) You may beat egg and pour in mixture and mix ( egg makes the paste properly bond, but pudding can be coooked without an egg )
6) Place clean plantain leaves in a bowl
7) Put some paste, hold edges and tie in the middle with a string
8) Place some plantain leaves beneath the pot to prevent the paste from burning
9) Place the bundle in the pot
10) Repeat process till all paste has been neatly packaged in leaves
11) Boil for one hour while adding water in small quantities to prevent pudding from burning

Your Egusi pudding is ready. It can be eaten with fermented steamed cassava popularly known as ” Barton or bobolo” , ripe plantain or any other tuber of your choice.

Kathy Neba Sina

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