Life after Christmas: Workers back to work

Two days after the feast of the nativity, Cameroonians are back to their hustle like nothing happened.

The streets are flooded by the city dwellers many of them trying to fend for themselves

The parking lots at the ministerial buildings like many work buildings are filled since the early hours of this Thursday 27th December 2018.

The looks on the faces of the staffers is a relaxed one proof that the must have rested enough the day after Christmas.

Many of the workers are present early enough in their offices maybe due to the absence of the routine traffic in towns like Yaoundé

Working environments are once more busy with workers going about their various jobs.

Cameroonians soliciting services in the ministries or public service offices are gradually attended to.

The work atmosphere is rather a cordial one with many of the workers happily telling stories of how exciting the celebration was.

A few others are still sharing the leftovers with their colleagues in the office while some are still in possession of some of the most popular Christmas gadgets like hats, watches  etc.

The atmosphere is a little timid out of the office maybe because a good number of the populations are still to get over the excitement.

Since duty calls, the workers have cut short the enjoyment and gone back to the office

Benly Anchunda

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