The Day After Christmas: The usual hustle and bustle absent on the streets of Yaounde

Christmas has come and gone, and Cameroonians are gradually getting to their normal daily activities.

The streets of Yaounde like many others in Cameroon are still to regain the usual busy mode.

The hustle and bustle is completely absent on the streets of Yaounde.

The routine heavy traffic is farfetched as the few vehicles and taxis on the roads circulate with ease.

The sidewalks are empty with only a few people spotted moving along.

The central town, one of the busiest hubs in the city is almost like a church yard. The shops are still closed at 9 a.m. in the morning, a rare habit in areas like these.

The courtyards of ministerial buildings are empty while the parking lots have very few cars.

Along the streets that host snack bars like the Essos neighbourhood, the number of empty crates speak of the number of people who flooded the bars for beer.

Here, the streets are littered with plastic bags, bottles and beer covers amongst many other things.

Some of the bars had long nights and others have a few customers taking their last sips and the excitement makes one wonder if they are even prepared to go back home soon.

In some snack bars people are seen with heads bended and others look tired proof they have been drinking for a long time.

At some residential areas the noise from the excited kids is not there, many of them are still indoors after running round the streets severally with toys and their new dresses on December 25.

The gates of some homes are still closed and no sound of the living can be heard. It is just but normal that the families are still to get to their feet after receiving guests and making merry throughout Christmas day.

The day is still to gather steam and return to its normal routine.

Benly Anchunda






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