2019 New Year Wishes: New Ministers live the event in new capacities

The President of the Republic has this Wednesday 9th January 2019 received best wishes from the diplomatic corps, cabinet ministers, economic operators, member of the ruling CPDM and close collaborators.

Amongst the many groups of well-wishers were sixteen new cabinet Ministers who came in their capacities as members of government for the first time.

Their entrance to the main hall of the Unity Palace caught the attention of many Cameramen and photographers who struggled to take shots of the arrival of the new comers in government.

The looks on the faces of some of the new Ministers were rather assuring but others managed to wear smiles just for the Camera.

Most of them were a little lost at some instances but the friendliness of their colleagues made them feel at home.

Other Ministers, friends and special guests showed their love to the newcomers through hugs and congratulatory messages.

Their presence at the Unity Palace comes after 48 hours they were installed in to their various functions by the Prime Minister, Head of Government, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute.

Reactions of some of the new Ministers

The new Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Celestine Ketcha Courtes.
I am very proud, I am very happy to start the new year 2019 greeting my President as a Minister.
I used to come as an economic operator and I felt different today wishing President Paul Biya a happy new year.
It was an emotion filled moment, emotions that have announced a big task ahead given by the Head of State.

The new Secretary of State in the Ministry of Basic Education, Dr. Asheri Kilo Viviane
I feel quite motivated to face the job at hand.
I started in Education, went to Culture and today am back to Education. It is a big challenge as we fight to ensure that basic education sector remains stable.
We will mobilize to ensure that our children get the kind of education that they can use in any part of the world.
We are also concerned about the situation in the North West and South West regions and we hope that at some point during the year we will all come together to seek solutions so that our children continue to go to school.

Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Relations with the Parliament: Wakata Bolvine
I feel  happy to have greeted the Head of State in a different capacity.
I have understood my assignment and I promised to work for the interest of all Cameroonians.

Benly Anchunda

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