End of year activities: Ambiance in Yaounde on second day of new year

New Year’s Day is gone and many Cameroonians are back to their normal activities meanwhile others are still in the holiday mood.

In Yaounde this 2nd January 2019, many civil servants went back to work after the long weekend.

Unlike on the 26th of December 2018 when most offices were deserted, this second day of January, many answered present at work.

Over at snack bars, cleaning started as early as six am as the bar owners looked forward to more sales later in the day.

Public gardens on their part were deserted this morning and the flow of traffic was considerably good.

Evening time is here and the atmosphere is different from that of the morning.

The bars have a few more customers as compared to the morning.

The public gardens are also receiving a few Yaounde city dwellers who are using the evening to relax.

As for the Yaounde Trade Fair (Ya-Fe) site, many visitors began flooding in as from three pm today with the major site of attraction being the merry-go-round area with long queues of children waiting to have a turn on the fun ride.

Yes, it is the second day of the new year and Yaounde city dwellers are still in the holiday mood, enjoying the start of the year.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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