Insecurity: Kumba District Hospital ravaged by flames

Cracking noise and glowing flames could be preserved from far distances on the night of 10th to 11th February 2019 as a part of the Kumba district Hospital burnt down to ashes. Hospital staff and patients escaped to safety as the flames raged on destroying the main wards on the hospital.

The Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi issued on Press release on Monday, 11th February 2019 indicating that four people died from the fire incident including two patients who were burnt to death on their hospital beds. Seven vehicles belonging to hospital staff were also razed.

The Minister blamed the fire incident on a group of about 20 armed separatist fighters who scaled the hospital fence at about midnight creating panic with gun shots.

He added that shortly after the incident, authorities of the South West region visited the scene and ensured that patients were safely transported to other health facilities in the region.

Minister Rene Emmanual Sadi noted that the government strongly condemns act of extreme cruelty that has resulted in the death of innocent citizens and the destruction of the hospital infrastructure that the population depends on.

The Minister of Communication extended to the family of the victims, the heartfelt condolences of the President of the Republic and the Government.  He also wished a quick recovery to the patients and assured that that government has taken to provide them with rapid and optimal care.

Elvis Teke


Elvis Teke

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