Agriculture: The amazing story of Nde Kong, a young entrepreneur in agribusiness

Many young Cameroonians have embraced agriculture for a livelihood.

After the introduction of agriculture in the university curricula, graduates acquire modern techniques which are applied in the field for greater yields.

Nde Kong, a 26year old from Mankon, North West region is one of the many who has risen in the domain.

Nde Kong’s journey to Agribusiness

After graduating from the university, he embarked in a project called Nifty Services, a project which helps young entrepreneurs build-up business ideas.

In 2017, he extended the project to the domain of agriculture naming it department of “Nifty Farms.”

The young entrepreneur opened the first farm in Sabong Garri, Ndonga Mantung Division in the North West region.

Due to the socio-political situation in the North West and South West regions, he moved to Bamenda.

He now operates farms in Bambui, Up-Station Bamenda and Ntabessi Nkwen.

He specialises in the production of cucumbers and watermelons in specific climatic conditions.

Nde Kong is also involved in animal husbandry; growing rabbits and pigs.

He has received awards for quality production in fish farming as a result of the modern technics he applies.

Nifty Farms; innovative agricultural approach

Nifty Farms presently uses innovative technics that brings in high yields in the domain of agriculture.

He has been able to transform rabbit urine to organic manure.

He has also carried out extensive bee farming in flower gardens to get different flavours of honey.

Another exploit of Nifty Farms is its ability to cultivate improved mushroom in all seasons.

The entrepreneur has a greenhouse under construction in Bamenda to keep his produce organic.

Nde Kong employs more than a dozen youths in his farms so far.

Michael and his team also work on contract basis for people in need of advice and others who wish to open their own farms.

A day at Nifty Farms

A typical day at Nifty Farms begins at 7:00AM.

Nde Kong makes sure his team is ready for the day before making rounds at the animal farms.

Most of the day is spent planting, weeding, designing beehives and carrying out agricultural research.

By 8:00PM, the already exhausted team makes a résumé of the day before retiring.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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