Cervical Cancer: Doctors of Sub Saharan Africa meet to explore new prevention and treatment modes

The 10th International Congress on cervical cancer in Sub Saharan Africa is underway in Yaounde.

The meeting taking place at the Gynaeco-Obstretric and Pediatric Hospital opened on 28th March and is to end this 29th March 2019.

It has brought together medical experts from Sub Saharan Africa and Switzerland.

Prevalence of Cervical Cancer in Cameroon

Although there are no clear statistics on the prevalence of cancer of the cervix in Cameroon, hospital sources report new cases almost daily.

Prof Paul Ndom, one of the participants at the conclave affirms that cervical cancer is the second most predominant cancer in Cameroon, after breast cancer.

“The peculiarity of this cancer is the fact that close to 80% of patients seek treatment very late. They come when the cancer is already in an advanced stage and nothing much can be done.”

The Doctor explains that cancer of the cervix can be prevented by regular screening and early diagnosis.

Preventing Cervical Cancer

Prof Patrick Petignat, Head of the Gynaecological Division of the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), Switzerland says there is a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

“Cervical Cancer is caused by the HPV virus,” Prof Patrick Petignat explains. “It is a very common virus so almost everyone contracts it once in their life time. The problem however is that some people do not successfully discard it and it later develops to cancer. The ultimate goal is therefore to prevent the virus from mutating to cancer,” he concludes.

On the occasion of the present 10th Congress, the think-tank are exchanging notes on the latest prevention and treatment modes.

A number of roundtable discussions and exposés on the challenges and technological advancements in treating cancer of the cervix are going on.

Cervical Cancer is an infection at the entrance to the womb.

The cervix is the narrow part of the lower uterus, often referred to as the neck of the womb.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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