March Cabinet Council: boosting agricultural transformation

Reducing importation of consumer goods into Cameroon was the principal focus of
Members of Government meeting at Prime Minister’s Office this Thursday, 28th March 2019 in the month’s cabinet meeting.

The Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute is the third consecutive meeting discussing to boosting local production and reducing imports.

The Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Gabriel Dodo Ndoke highlighted measures taken to fast tract industrial processing of local agricultural products.

He said three operating levers have been instituted:
Operational, and

At the operational level, an agro-industrial technology park will soon be developed in Nkoteng, Central Region.

The park will be expected transform 800 thousand tons of agricultural products during the start-up phase.

Four years after takeoff, production is projected to increase to more than two million tons.

The impact of the project will be felt to six regions; Centre, South, East, Adamawa, West and Littoral.

The Minister also cited the agro-food complex of Kaélé, Far-North region as another similar project to boost transformation of farm produce.

The complex processes maize, sorghum, onion, beef and pork.

However, government is still to find funds to compensate residents.

The second Presentation during the cabinet meeting was done by the Minister of Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft.

He highlighted the need to involve the national private sector in achieving the goal of significantly reducing imports of goods and services to Cameroon, particularly fish, rice and dairy products.
Minister Achille Bassilekin III, noted that SMEs must play a crucial role in the creation of value chains.

He said their capacity needs to be strengthened, to have easier access to funding and benefit from the national preference.

In connection with the commitments of the previous Cabinet Councils, the Prime Minister told the Ministers of Trade, Livestock, Economy and Agriculture, to ensure a better follow-up of the resolutions.

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