FESTAC 2019 : The Limbe Fresh Fish Market fades out due to the socio- political crisis 


Large numbers of visitors in Limbe  have always been attracted by  the Limbe fresh fish market.

Close to the market was a spot were friends meet, eat fish and listen to good music.


It is a shadow of its realself presently. Due to the significant drop in the number of visitors to Limbe, the Limbe fresh fish market is a scanty  space with bare tables haphazardly positioned.


Due to the fact that very few visitors walk into the premises, vendors are in distress.

Mama Mary Ndive, trader in prawns, and sea snails gives the obvious reason why the situation is so bad.

” The crisis  has scared people from coming to Limbe. We used to make huge profits daily , only a few years back, but since this problem began, we are unable to sell . Things keep moving from bad to worse. Taking care of our families has become a real struggle ”


Mr. Mboa Vincent, a 64-year old fisherman thinks poor sales can also  be attributed to seasonal change.

” I have been a fisherman for 27years. By experience I know this is the time of the year when  fishes go away. The water is very hot, so fishes have gone to colder water bodies. When the rains fully returns, the fish will come back, and business will be good”.


The complains are not just from fishermen and vendors. Women who roast fish also complain of poor sales.

The one common denominator in terms of opinion is the believe that “things will eventually change for the better”.


Kathy Neba Sina

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