FESTAC: The twenty-two- man medical team at the service of all  



The festival of arts and culture progresses hitch free with a variety of entertaining displays at the festival village. 

But besides these displays, are trained men and women set aside to provide instant medical assistance to anyone in need.

The twenty-two -man medical team has been attending to patients in a makeshift Health Unit.

The eleven medical doctors  and eleven nurses are drawn from the Regional hospital, Bota hospital, the Cameroon Red Cross  and sixth year students of the Department of medicine at the university of Buea.

Dr. Denis Nsame, Director of the Regional  hospital in Limbe heads the team that attends to  the patients free of charge.

From patients that suffer a malaise to other First Aid treatments, the team is on a permanent standby. 

Those with relatively serious conditions are however referred to more equped health facilities sometimes in ambulances allocated for FESTAC.

When activities are scheduled out of the FESTAC village, a team from the  Health Unit accompanies the actors to the site inorder to ensure prompt medical  service. 

 Athletes to take part in the Njalla Quan international marathon and the Canoe race scheduled for Saturday 13th April,   will be examined  free of charge by these devoted men and women.

Members of the medicsl team will be counted amongst those on the front seat of the festival on  Saturday 13th April , when the  show ends.


Kathy Neba Sina

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