47th National Day celebrations: Cameroon honours 114 in Yaounde


A total of 114 persons have received state honors in the Yaounde within the framework of the national day celebration.

The ceremony was presided over  by the governor of the Centre  region , Nasare Paul Bea saw the recipients raised to various levels.

1 ) National Order of Valour #35 Cameroonians

2) National Order of Merit , #61

3) National Order of Agriculture # 3

4) National Order of Sports #21

As it is the tradition in all editions of the country’s national day, the state recognises and decorates all those who have contributed in various capacities to the advancement of the country .

The medal award ceremony takes place in all ten regions of Cameroon , and precided over by regional governors


Mr. Abena Abena Théophile, of the Ministry of Justice is one of the 114 who expressed gratitude to the state after receiving his medal .

Governor poses with some recipients

” I am very grateful to the President for this medal on the day we are celebrating the 47th National Day, through the Governor of the Centre Region “.

National Day celebration in Cameroon is also punctuated by a grand parade and reception.

Kathy Neba Sina

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