Social Welfare: A non-governmental organisation takes interest in retired persons

Some retired and pre-retired people in Cameroon have received expert guidance on how to live a better lifestyle after retirement.

The two day Seminar that took place in Yaounde was organised by Care4, a Non-Governmental Organisation created to help people valorize retirement.

The Littoral and South West regional Coordinator of Care4 Edouard Nguetsa argued that people deserve quality life after retirement.

He said studies show that many people retire with aptitudes that can be exploited for self enhancement.

The idea is to help retired persons pursue their passion or use their aptitude to have a decent lifestyle.

Exposés on how to stay active and maximise the individual potential were therefore presented by businesses representatives and investors present.

Care4, a Non Governmental organisation is focused on;

# Preparing pre-retirees for retirement.

# Accompanying retirees in planning retirement

# Assisting the public service and companies in the management of files of potential retirees

# Organising social, economic, touristic and sports programmes for interested retirees.

# Reflecting on issues pertaining to retirement and the challenges therein.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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