SAGO 2019: A round inside the exhibition village that tells much of government’s actions

The exhibition organised at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex is a great attraction to many who are curious to know what government is doing to attain emergence.

It is organised under the theme, “Public Investment, great opportunities and development for Cameroon.”

SAGO 2019 kicked off with a number of ministerial departments and institutions exhibiting goods and services to illustrate government’s commitment to a better living condition of the population.

Exhibitors through interesting presentations, have been attracting guests in the hundreds.

The National Cocoa and Coffee Board’s is one of the many that have been on the offensive.

Officials offer free samples of coffee and chocolate to visitors as encouragement to consume locally produced coffee and cocoa byproducts.

Others are interested in trying on the safety jackets conspicuously positioned at the SONARA stand.

Guests also get to see samples of petroleum products and are acquainted with the different stages of transformation.

National Youth Employment stand is an attraction especially to the young.

Many ask questions on available job opportunities and how to obtain a job through the agency.

Representatives of the National Youth Employment Fund talk the youth through their registration process and selection for job offers.

Others also appreciate the running tap the CAMWATER stand offers visitors of SAGO 2019. They asked to know the causes of the age-old issue of water scarcity especially in specific neighborhood.

After a round at the exhibition ground, many join the Minister of Communication René Emmanuel Sadi in saluting government’s efforts in upgrading the living conditions of Cameroonians.

Mr. Adamou visiting from the East region is simply amazed;

“I am very impressed at the different opportunities proposed to Cameroonians. As an entrepreneur I have learned a lot from the present exhibitions.”

SAGO 2019 ends on 13th June with over 70,000 guests expected to visit the exhibition ground.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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