Women’s Volleyball: The back-to-back champions

The Cameroon female volleyball lionesses have once more proven their dominance over the game by defending their title and keeping the trophy in the just ended Women’s African Volleyball Cup of Nations.

The Cameroon team beat their top most rival on the African soil, Kenya in a very tight 3-2 sets victory in Cairo Egypt where the competition was fielded.

The head coach of the team Jean René Akono Bekono told the press it was a combination of hard work, team spirit and conviction that led the girls to their second African Volleyball Championship victory in two years.

The volleyball lionesses

It was a 14 woman volleyball squad that went to Egypt and bagged the Africa women’s Volleyball Cup of Nations title for Cameroon.

The team was made up of very diversified talent with wide range of experience.

Their ages ranged from 17 to 32.

Squad members play in different volleyball clubs in Cameroon and France.

  1. Fotso Mogoung Stephanie 32yrs VBC Chambalieres.
  2. Tchoudjang Nana Christelle 30yrs VBC Chambalieres
  3. Nasser Raissa 25yrs La Rouchette
  4. Moma Bassoko Letitia 25yrs Stella Es Calais
  5. Koulla Henriette Nadege 26yrs Tremblay
  6. Djakao Ngamkoua Honorine 27yrs Bafia VB Evolution
  7. Bikatal B. Simone Flore 27yrs Bordeaux Merignac
  8. Fawziya Abdoulkarim 30yrs Sens Olympique VB
  9. Amana Guigolo Yollande 22yrs VBC Chambalieres
  10. Piata zessi Emelda 22yrs Nantes VB
  11. Adiana Estelle 22yrs Nyong et Kelle VB
  12. Ahirinidi Menkreo Odette 18yrs FAP VB
  13. Bibinbe Ruth Manuela Marie 17yrs Bafia VB Evolution
  14. Sherylin Bashorun Adetutu

Jean René Akono Bekono – Head Coach

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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