African Center for Competitive Intelligence: Representatives of the* *economic sector get performance enhancements skills

The African Center for Competitive Intelligence has organised training course on the transmission of methods, instruments and good professional practices.

The training which was attended by actors from the economic sector was organised at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel.

Emphasis was laid on the collection and treatment of secured analysis and self-protection mechanisms.

Seminar facilitators posit that, for businesses and other stakeholders to be performant, they need to be protected from unscrupulous partners.

Put simply, the training organised from 28th-30th August 2019, was intended to arm economic operators and other stakeholders in the business chain on how to combat various forms of fraud and corruption.

This explains why participants were not only drawn from the business world but from others business related domain including; bankers, magistrates, detectives and investment promotion agents.

The African Center for Competitive Intelligence is a non- lucrative organization created in 2015.

The institution works to enhance competitivity amongst partners of the economic sector and to protect the informational heritage of African states.

The organization which is active in 37 African countries is focused on the following;

-The putting in place of instruments of protection of the economic intelligence

-The organization of capacity building training including MBA

-The organization of trainings for executive staffs

Ornella Mendjana(intern)

Elvis Teke

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