The Bar Council: Lawyers make good on their slated five day strike

Lawyers of the Bar Council are onto day II of a five day strike nationwide.

The strike that began Monday 16th September 2019 comes despite government’s efforts at negotiating solutions to the root causes of the grievances.

The President of the Bar Council, Tchaoute Patie Charles chaired an extraordinary session of the Bar Council Sunday 15th September during which members refused to call-off the strike.

During the meeting, members however commended government for its interest in finding solution to the problems.

They promised to remain in dialogue with government after the strike action which ends on Friday 20th September 2019.

Lawyers strike: their grievances

During a meeting held 31st August 2019, the Council informed government of their intentions, tabling the many grievances some of which include;

# The restriction of access to clients and persons in various detention centres.

# Recurrent violations of the rights of the defence during preliminary investigations and civil proceedings.

# Violations of rights of some defendants; judicial proceedings for example, are carried out in a language not understood by the defendant

# Extraction of confessional statements from accused persons through the use of torture and intimidation amongst others.

Since Monday 16th September 2019, court houses are void of the men in black robes.

Few defendants were present around the courts in Yaounde but no cases were heard.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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