Electronic White Cane: More independence for the blind

The white cane has been an important tool for the blind person.


With time, new technologies have been used to ameliorate the new technologies have been used to ameliorate the white cane.

The electronic White Cane is used to to tell to its owner what is found in the surrounding environment.



It permits to easily detect the obstacles and therefore avoid them.

The visually impaired is alerted when he is approaching the object. An audio gentle voice tells the user which direction to take when in movement.



A low cost embedded computer that is on the white cane functions in a similar way to a parking car sensor.
It consists of an electronic handle with a regular analog white cane that is inserted into the bottom.
In some models users have the ability to connect their smartphones with the cane to integrate it with a google maps.

Thoough this is a great evolution for the visually impaired, it is not yet accessible to all because of its expensive price.

Ornella Mendjana (Intern)

Danielle Mouadoume

Laisser de bonnes traces.

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