Flood in the Far North: Government’s relief package

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, is in the Far North Region, to assess the gravity of the damages caused by the recent floods.

He has visited the flood affected areas in Maga and Kai Kai Sub Divisions in the Mayo Danay Division, and the Zina Sub Division in Logone and Chari Division of the Far North region.

After being welcomed at the Maroua Salak airport by the Governor of the Region, Minister Paul Atanga Nji went straight to Maga.

While there,  he took a boat across Lake Maga to visit and assess some of the affected villages.

The Minister informed the population that, he has come, upon high instructions of the Head of State to provide emergency relief materials to the victims.

He is also there to obtain first hand information which will enable him compile and forward a report to the President of the Republic, on the real situation on the ground.

Minister Atanga Nji and Governor of Far North Region

At the end of the visit to the affected villages, Minister Paul Atanga Nji announced that the Head of State has ordered the dis-bursement of a sum of 150 million CFA frs, to assist victims of the floods which occurred in Maga and Kai-Kai Sub Divisions in the Far North Region.

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Elvis Teke

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