Centre Pasteur : Celebrating six Decades of Combating Infectious Diseases

The public hospital institution, Centre Pasteur  is celebrating six decades of  combating  infectious diseases. Centre Pasteur has offered quality health services for 60 years . 

Commemorative activities have been scheduled to hold from November 12-22, 2019 in Yaounde.

The key activities to be carried out during the ten-day celebration are ;

# Public Health Minister inaugurates the new Centre Pasteur building funded by the government

# 51st Board of the Directors of the international network

#A scientific symposium at the Yaounde Congress Centre

# Open door days at the premises of the health institution in Yaounde.

# Sports walk through the streets of Yaounde

# screening for prostate cancer and hepatitis B at reduced costs

# Gala night at Hilton hotel

# Photo exhibition at the French Institute in Cameroon

Centre Pasteur: Cameroon’s leading Hospital institution in medical laboratory science

Centre Pasteur initially known as the Pasteur Institute was born from a partnership accord between the Pasteur institute in France, and Cameroon’s new government on January 1, 1959.

The institution, created with a special attribute as a national reference laboratory, was assigned four missions;

1) Laboratory tests and vaccination
2) Surveillance and response to public health alerts,
3) Health research,
4) Training

Centre Pasteur is the national laboratory reference for a total
Of 27 pathologies, offering  vaccination against infectious diseases, and treatment for rabies.

In a bid to continue providing quality services to patients, the institute now opens round the clock, with a reduction of costs to some categories of the over 500 patients received daily.

It also contributes to national public health programs that fight against infectious diseases. In the Central African subregion, the institution  has become the reference for fighting diseases like polio, yellow fever, dengue fever and other infectious diseases

Over the years, the health institution has invested in carrying out research in HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, and malaria.

The hygiene and Environment Department of the institution also carries out microbiological and physico-chemical control of water and food

The public Hospital institution runs a training institute where Senior Health Technicians are trained for three years.

Centre Pasteur’s important dates

# 1959 -Creation of the Pasteur Institute, Cameroon

# 1974 – The institution  is nationalized and intergrated in to the Institute for Medical Research and Study of Medicinal Plants ( IMPM)

# 1980 – the Centre became fully autonomous and took up the permanent name , “Centre Pasteur du Cameroon”

# 1985 – Creation of Centre Pasteur Annex Garoua

# 1992 – Centre Pasteur Cameroon becomes a member of the international network of 32 Pasteur institutes

# 2004 – Creation of Centre Pasteur Douala branch

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      Great Davis . Wish you good health. Thanks for commenting.


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