Fighting Hepatitis: What you should know about Warning Signs

Screening for Hepatitis B  is ongoing at Centre Pasteur Yaounde.  The Health experts are ceasing the opportunity to sensitize the public on the warning signs.

Doctors say Hepatitis B, like A and C, usually show no signs . Symptoms generally come up months after infection .

Dr. Likeng Sunday Marcel, head of  the Vaccination  unit  at Centre Pasteur says ” screening helps every individual to know if they are infected or not”.

Dr. Likeng Sunday Marcel, sheds light on the causes and prevention of Hepatitis 

Hepatitis A: Good hygiene will save you

Health experts describe Hepatitis A as a contagious liver infection caused by a virus called Hepatitis A. It causes the inflammation of the liver, and affects its functioning.

According to Dr. Likeng Sunday Marcel, warning signs could be noticed in some patients. He says infected persons could experience loss of appetite, joint pains, dark urine, mild fever and intense itching.

Hepatitis B : Chronic and Serious

Hepatitis B is caused by  the virus known as Hepatitis B. Doctors say it is usually chronic and increases the risk of a liver failure. It can cause cirrhosis – a permanent scar on the liver, liver failure and liver cancer.

Some warning signs are ;
# Loss of appetite
# nausea and vomiting
# weakness and fatigue
# fever
# dark urine

Hepatitis C : The most dangerous

According to health experts, Hepatitis C , caused by the Hepatitis Virus C is the most dangerous. Notwithstanding, patients do not really get symptoms. Some known warning signs are fever, tiredness and loss of appetite.

Given the unique nature of Hepatitis A B or C, Dr. Likeng Sunday Marcel says screening is of utmost importance.

” The best prevention is to avoid an infection by being screened and vaccinated . “.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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