Public Health : Celebrating the little-known health care professionals


Health caregivers were honored in Cameroon on November 26, 2019. Although sometimes despised, these professionals are the backbone of quality health care.


A health caregiver is a public health professional who works under the supervision of a nurse, senior nurse or a medical doctor.

They belong to a category of health care givers officially known in French as ” Aides Soignantes”.

On the 21st of July 2010, the Ministry of Public Health created the profession by decree No 0698/D/MINSANTE/SG/DRH.

Health Caregivers : Job description

Health care givers are usually the first health personnel you meet in hospitals. They do not only receive patients, but orient them on the right procedure to follow.

Other tasks assigned to health caregivers are ;

# Record important information in the activity logbook

# Sterilize hospital equipment

# Monitor special treatment administered to patients under the supervision of a nurse

# Ensure maintenance of hospital equipment

# Ensure good hygiene in hospitals

# Responsible for proper waste disposal in hospitals

# Welcomes, orients and supervises other hospital interns

Training and Recruitment

Health caregivers in Cameroon are recruited through a competitive examination organized by the Ministry of Public Health.

But this follows a 12 month training in any medical school of their choice, accredited by Public Health authorities.

Admission requirements include three papers in the Cameroon GCE Ordinary Level or BEPC , excluding Religion.

Upon completion of studies, the graduates are issued a Diploma which qualifies them as Health Caregivers.

But they have to write an examination for integration in to the Public Service.

Successful candidates become category C state functionaries with a salary of FCFA 98,000 thousands.

That figure usually increases to about FCFA 150,000 thousands retirement.


Kathy Neba Sina 

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