2020 Municipal and Parliamentary Elections: The Powerhouse, the Faces of the Campaigns

Campaigns for positions into local councils and parliament which began on January 25, 2019, are hitting up nationwide.

Political parties are trying out new strategies in order to win the hearts of the electors.

Elitism has so far been one of the forefront strategies used by the competing parties.

Political parties are putting their top notch officials to be at the forefront of their campaigns despite the fact that they are not vying for any office in the twin elections.

Candidates believe, using these intrinsic quality of people is more likely to convince voters that just like their peers, and are more of the constructive and influential class of society.

 The Who’s Who at the Front line of the Twin Elections Campaigns

The Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM has so far shown finesse, using all their human resources in order to have an unquestionable victory come February 9, 2020.

Jean Kwete in Bamenda
Jean Kwete in Bamenda

The Secretary General of the CPDM party, Jean Kwete, has been on the field since January 25, 2020, convincing the population as to why his candidates are the best bet.

Jean Kwete, after launching campaigns in Yaoundé bid the odds and continued activities in Bamenda.

Standing by his side was the former Prime Minister of Cameroon Philomen Yang, Felix Mbayu, Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of Commonwealth and a battery of top government officials.

Joseph Le, the head of the CPDM communal campaign team for the Abong Mbang sub division launched a campaign caravan to visit the four urban sectors of the locality.

He called on a door to door approach to appeal to voters to make the CPDM their top choice.

Hele Pierre, Minister of the Environment has also been very active on campaign grounds despite not running for office.

Minister Hele Pierre, joined forces with Doctor Taiga, Minister of Livestock to win over the electorate of the Mayo Danay Divisio.

UNDP party in campaign
UNDP party

The President of the Front for National Salvation of Cameroon party, Issa Tchiroma Bakary is also in the North Region, making enticing promises and painting a bright future if his candidates are elected into council and legislative positions.

Despite the gimmicks being pulled by the very competitive political parties, their chance of winning rest in the hands of the voters.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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