9th EduCanada Fair : Where Cameroonian students get credible study opportunities

The ninth “EduCanada fair” has been organized in Yaounde with over 2000 Cameroonian students duly informed on credible study opportunities in Canada .

EduCanada, held on January 15-16, in Yaounde and January 17, 2020 in Douala, on the theme ” A World of Possibilities Awaits”

Richard Bile, the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon , presided over the opening ceremony in Yaounde on January 15, 2020.

The Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon ( middle) launches the fair by cutting the ribbon

Twenty-five Canadian institutions were present at the event to provide the students with the required information on study opportunities in Canada .

Officials of some Canadian universities dishing out vital information to students interested in studying in Canada

Parents were also invited to take part in the event. Authorities say school leavers are increasing younger and still require proper parental guidance and orientation to make the right study choices .

The organizers also say parents need to accompany their children choose affordable schools .

EduCanada : Why study in Canada?

Canada has been widely acclaimed as an ideal study destination for Cameroonian students .

The Canadian High Commissioner, Richard Bile says this is so for at least four reasons ;

# Canada like Cameroon is a bilingual country

# Canada’s quality of Education is internationally recognized

# Education is affordable with competitive prizes

# Canada is a multicultural society that welcomes students of more than 200 origins

Studying in Canada, what you should know

For over a decade now, some Cameroonians have fallen prey to unscrupulous agents known for extorting huge sums of money from persons seeking admission into Canadian institutions.

To avoid such regrettable situations the , Mr. Richard Bile says aspirants should take advantage of Canada’s transparent educational system.

” Persons interested in studying in Canada do not necessarily need work with agents. Our system is known for being very transparent and fair . All the application forms are available on the internet for free, and there is no necessity to work with an agent. But if you choose to use an agent, then be very careful, and make your assessment of the agent you choose to work with”.

Students queue up in front of the Hilton Hotel in Yaounde, to acquire information on admission into Canadian universities

The authorities however stress that the safest, and most credible source of information for Camerooninans seeking a place in Canadian institutions is the EduCanada website.


Kathy Neba Sina 

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