First Lady Chantal Biya Receives New Year Wishes ln Style And Splendour At Unity Palace

Wives of the members of the Diplomatic Corps, the National Dignitaries and other distinguish female groups amongst others have presented their New Year Wishes to Mrs Chantal Biya in style and conviviality.

The atmosphere was relaxed, the women in sumptuous attires, the tents well decorated in white and red, not to talk of the beautiful fresh flowers lined up on all the tables and under the tents, this in an attempt to bring out the tenderness of who Chantal Biya is and what she incarnates; love, tenderness and a good heart.

The ceremony started as soon as Mrs Chantal Biya made her way into the over 1500 well seated guests in the gardens by the swimming pool of the Unity Palace, with a New Year wish song specially composed for her. In her usual natural style of dancing, waving, greeting affectionately, she made her way to her seat up the stage.

At about 1:40 pm presentation of the New Year Wishes proper started with the wives of the Diplomatic Corps lead by Ann Biffot, who is the wive of the Dean Of Ambassadors accredited in Cameroon, Gabonese born Patrick Biffot. That set the ball rolling, as delegations after delegations were called up, in turns. From the delegation of the wives of the National Dignitaries led by the wive of Senator Tabe Tando, to Constance Owona, who led the Delegation of the wives of the CPDM Central Committee, just to mention those.

Also spotted at the event, was the wife of CRTV’s General Manager, Sylvie Ndongo, the Delegations of the disabled , Miss Humanitarian, wives of the Bororos, Bakas and many others.

The ceremony also witnessed not only lots of dinning and winning, but also dancing with all category of musicians such as Ben Decca, Annie Anzoue, and many more who performed live, to grace the occasion.

Caroline Okie-Anoma

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