Life After Festivities : When everyone goes back to routine


The festive season is over, and everyone is required to resume their daily routine. But after festivities , it usually takes a day or two for some people to do so .

In most homes, this Thursday January 2, 2020, the day has been reserved for general cleaning.

Some people will have to save up large quantities of food from the new years’ menu for the days ahead, but for  others,  feasting continues.

On a day like this , most markets are empty with very few clients .

Deserted market

Some counters have virtually been deserted and a few businessmen have turned  up to liquidate the stock reserved for the festive season.

Two vendors awaiting clients

Not all offices are open . Only a handful of people have resumed work, and the atmosphere around offices is calm.

Teachers have begun revising their lesson notes and getting set for school on Monday January 5, 2019.

Parents have to quickly get their kids out of the festive mood,  and assist them for resumption in 3 days time.

Those who travelled to villages and other cities to celebrate with their loved ones are parking their bags.

Hospitals and pharmacies have received a few patients involved in accidents on New Year’s Day.

Inside a pharmacy

But most of the patients received this morning are kids suffering from food poisoning due to yesterday’s heavy feeding.

The streets are less busy with people dotted here and there. And for once, the usual dense traffic is absent. Cars ply the roads with relative ease .

On this day after the new year, a few people are still sipping beer in some popular drinking spots and beer palours.

Some people still drinking at a popular drinking spot

Many will spend the entire day sleeping, after having drunk themselves to stupor .

In just a little while , financial pressures will set in, especially for those who spent out of their means during the festive season.

And when all is said and done , everyone will have to face the life after the festive season.

Kathy Neba Sina

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