National Colloquium On The Modernisation Of Cameroon’s Public Service Wraps Up.

  • The event was chaired by the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Joseph LE, on January 15, 2020.

After 3 days of discussion between experts from various public and private administrations and stakeholders, a good number of recommendations were proposed to make the public service in Cameroon more perfomant, efficient, simple and accessible.
The process will be carried out in 4 main pillars.

1-Give tools to public service workers which will enable them do their job well. It is one of the tools that will facilitate work.

2- Revision of texts procedures which will facilitate managing work for human resource. Among these texts are the harmonisation of workers going on retirement, upgrade basic renumeration of public agents amongst others.

3- The promotion of intergrity in the public service.

4- Reinforce the capacities of workers of the public service to enable them do their job well.

The Minister of Public Service and Reforms, Joseph LE, while closing the 3 day Colloquium said the recommendations proposed by experts will be implemented as soon as possible to make Cameroon

Natacha Lehman

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