Violence in schools: Psychologist traces Problem, offers Solutions

While the dust is still to settle after a student stabbed to death a teacher at the Government High School Nkolbisson, a Clinical Psychologist, Dr Mireille Ndje Ndje, explains the growing phenomenon of violence in schools and proposes solutions.

Reporter: Hello Dr Mireille Ndje Ndje. Thank you for accepting to talk to CRTV Web. Why is violence in the school milieu on the rise?

Dr Mireille Ndje Ndje: Violence is as old as the world; It’s just that our society had a code of conduct, a set of rules and prohibitions that were well respected and that prevented action. Today we are in a society where everything is allowed. We no longer respect anyone; the roles are confused. It is also a society where parents no longer have the time to insist on the education of values and respect. It is a society where children are educated by television, by the street and by peers who have no experience. We are in a society where drugs circulate everywhere and the drinking outlets rub shoulders with educational establishments. We are in a society where adults do not lead by example…where teachers can have a beer with their students… a society that authorizes delinquency.

Reporter: How in your opinion can violence be curbed among students?

Dr Mireille Ndje Ndje: Social roles must be redefined and above all respected. Parents must listen to their children, must love them and must be close to them. Parents must be role models for their children. That does not mean that children should not be punished.
Children must also be sensitised on all the dangers around them and they must be well-prepared to go through adolescence.

Compiled by Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

Une pensée sur “Violence in schools: Psychologist traces Problem, offers Solutions

  • 18 janvier 2020 à 23 h 43 min

    It is time for parents to take proper responsibilities of thier chidren right i thier homes,communication with kids should aso be taken into consideration.


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