237Vote: CPDM Enjoys Absolute Majority in Council Elections

The results of the February 9 twin legislature and municipal elections have been progressively published by the local vote counting committee.

In most of the divisions the ruling party enjoys a comfortable lead. However new comers like the PCRN have also grabbed some municipalities. The SDF stronghold in the North West region has almost completely fallen to the CPDM.

North West Region

In Mezam Division of the North West, the CPDM has won the 4 available parliamentary seats.

The divisional vote counting commission tendered its report which indicates an absolute majority of the votes cast in favour of the CPDM in all the constituencies that make up Mezam.

The CPDM won in:

Mezam Centre

Mezam North

Mezam South Special Constituency

The ruling party also enjoys similar victory in the eight councils

Centre Region

The CPDM has won in all the councils in 8 of the divisions of the centre region.

Councils in the two other divisions are being shared by the CPDM, PCRN of Cabral Libi, PAL of Celestin Bidjigui and FDC of Emellienne Ndi Atangana.

South Region

The results of the municipal elections in the ocean division show the CPDM enjoying a  landslide victory.

In Kribi one and two where CPDM was in competition with CPNR, the ruling party has maintain its hegemony by taking all the 62 seats in these two divisions.

The CPDM will also control the councils of








Adamawa Region

The 2020 municipal election results in Ngaoundere were released by the Council Commission in the presence of enthusiastic and anxious supporters.

The National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP won the the Ngaoundere1 and

Ngaoundere2 councils while the CPDM grabbed the Ngaoundere 3 council.


North Region

Results of the February 9 Municipal elections have been progressively published at different Council branches of ELECAM in the North Region.

Figures from different areas show the CPDM party taking a majority of councils in the North.

The CPDM won in

Garoua 1

Garoua 2

Garoua 3


Far North Region

The CPDM has won an absolute majority in most of the  47 councils in the Far North region. Results of last Sunday’s municipal elections released by the council supervisory commissions also indicate that the Cameroon National salvation Front has won a total of 25 out of the 35 council seats in Maroua 2, and also has councilors in Maroua 1 and 2 councils in Diamere division.

In the Diamere division, the Maroua 2 will be controlled by Cameroon National Salvation Front, CNSF while the CPDM is winner in

Maroua 1

Maroua 3





Dagala NUDP

In the Mayo Tsanaga divisions the CPDM won the councils of





While the NUDP won the



Soule Derewa councils

In the Mayo Kani division, the MDR party reigned supreme in the



Madoldie councils

CPDM for part won in





CPDM is also in control of all 11 councils in Mayo Danai as well as all the 10 councils in Logone and Charie divisions


East Region

The CPDM party has won 32 of the 33 councils in the East region.

The National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP won the Garoua Boulai council


Elvis Teke

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