#237Vote: National Vote Committee begins work

The President of the Constitutional Council, Clement Atangana has installed members of the National Vote Committee.

He reminded the committee of its role, that of compiling results from the divisional supervisory committees and producing a final results sheet.

The committee has no more than five days to hand over it’s final copy to the Constitutional Council in view of publication of results.

The 46 man team is composed of a President, Emile Essombe who appointed by the Constitutional Council,
Two members of the Judiciary representing the Supreme Court;
– Epuli Mathias Aloh
– Ondoua Obounou Charles,

Five representatives of the administration appointed by the Minister of Territorial Administration;
– Nganko Firmin Daniel
– Bikoko Aimé Parfait
– Amadou Souley
– Bekile Gisele Valerie
– Issanda Issanda Alain Salomon.

#237Vote: The President of the National Vote Counting Committee for the February 9 legislative election explains the functions of the 46 member committee

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Five representatives of the elections organising body, Elections Cameroon, ELECAM appointed by the Director General of Elections are also part of the committee.
They include:
– Abdoul Karimou
– Ngolle III Patrice
– Essi Ndzengue Michelle Arlette
– Enow Dickson Enow
Misse Epounde Armand

Representatives of each the political parties that took part in the February 9, 2020 legislature election are also part of national commission for the counting of votes.

At the time of the installation of members of the committee some representatives of political parties had not yet been registered.

However, the majority of political parties had their representatives in the committee:
ANDP – Abdoulaye Ado Djibo
ADD – Garga Haman Adji
BRIC – Pekeuho Tchoffo Ernest
CDP: Benz Enow Bate
CPDM: Talba Malla Ibrahim
FSNC – Sone Nsoga Jeanne
MP – Moullende Christian
NUDP – Dr Pierre Flambeau Ngayap
Offre Orange – Menguede Mbassi Henri Oscar
PCRN – Nyeck Biyaga Joseph Felix
PURS – Bonono Bakota Rene
RNDD – Owona Paul Christophe
SDF – Joseph Mbah Ndam
UDP – Abega Adolphe
UFDC – Mongang Sylvain

Others parties that are also supposed to send representatives include,

In the meantime the President of the Committee, Emile Essombe urged members to immediately get to so that they may take fewer than the five days previewed by law to compile and hand over their report.

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