President Paul Biya and Wife Perform Civic Duties


First Cameroonian citizen, Paul Biya and wife Chantal Biya, were together at the Yaounde Government Bilingual Primary School Bastos l, polling station on February 9, to perform their civic duties.

At exactly 12:00 noon the head of state, President Paul Biya’s motorcade made way to the Government Bilingual Primary School Bastos l, in Yaounde polling station where he performed his civic duty just like any other responsible citizen. At the polling station, the process was the same, Identity Card, review of the list of registered electors with the name, Paul Biya, followed by instructions to the head of state on how to go about the process. The first ballot papers were for the municipal elections, in this polling station, 22 parties are vying for municipalities in the circumscriptions. President Paul Biya, then proceeded to get the ballot papers for the second electoral process, the legislative voting. Here, 8 political parties are vying for the legislative elections. An exercise which was equally undertaken by First Lady Chantal Biya.

President Paul Biya then exited the polling station to the press, where he expressed satisfaction on the entire process, and called on,” all Cameroonians not to heed to calls made by some small political parties for the boycott”, he also called on Cameroonians to go out and exercise their civic duties, by making their voices count in the ballot box.

Asked by CRTV reporter about how important the February 9, 2020, Twin Elections are to him, after the Major National Dialogue, in which a special status for the North West and South West Regions could certainly pave a particular decentralization process in Cameroon?
President Biya’s response was” decentralisation is making huge steps in Cameroon. After the tenue of the Major National Dialogue, decentralization laws were put in place, the special status awarded, the law on bilingualism put in place…” After the electoral process today, we will have to elect regional municipal counselors. This is a huge step towards a developed democracy. I am therefore, satisfied and thank Cameroonians for their dynamism and contributions towards a big democracy”. End of quotes.
The president and Madam Chantal Biya then greeted the crowds that came out to cheer as well as accompanied them in their civic responsibilities.

It should be reiterated that in the Centre Region in which President Paul Biya and Madam exerted their civic responsibilities, over 1,212,628 electors registered, with 5217 polling stations made available to potential electors, per ELECAM’s communication personnel.

Caroline Okie-Anoma

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