COVID-19: Banks payout, clients defy safety measures

State workers going to banks for March salaries have shown disregard to the safety measures implemented by the government of Cameroon to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Banks have begun the payment of salaries to state personnel nationwide as instructed by the Minister of Finance Louis Paul Motaze.

Since the availability of salaries this Wednesday, banks have experienced a lot of traffic from customers.

Dozens are more interested in collecting their salaries than respecting the hygiene guides.

Queues of workers line up in front of banks to use the ATM machines and fail to respect basic safety measures against the COVID-19.

Along Avenue de Banque in Yaoundé, the queues are compressed with customers waiting to use the ATM machines.  Many clients fail to respect the one metre distancing rule.

Observers have taken to social media to criticise the irresponsible behaviour of these workers.

They have called on the banks to put up stricter measures and security to make sure their customers respect the rules and stop the spread of the corona virus.

Following safety measures prescribed by the government to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Minister of Finance issued a release instructing bank managements to put in place safety strategies.

He ordered that banks should increase tellers, activate ATM machines and create safe distancing among clients.

These banks to an extent have implemented the measures, putting hand sanitising agents at their counters and encouraging clients to use their bathrooms to wash hands.

One bank says some of their ATM machines that were down in Yaoundé have been repaired.

Others have modified their services such that customers can withdraw their savings through mobile money transfer applications.

Some permit owners of restricted accounts to be able to withdraw more than five hundred thousand CFAF a week against what holds in their contracts of agreement.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie


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