Covid-19 : Sixteen new cases raise Cameroon’s figures to 56

Sixteen new cases have tested positive for the Coronavirus . Public Health Minister, Dr. Manaouda Malachie says the new cases are among 26 samples screened .

The 16 new cases come from three major cities;

-Douala #09
-Yaounde #06
-Bafoussam #01

Cameroon’s Health personnel now have the challenge of bringing appropriate medical care to 56 confirmed cases in three regions.

-Centre Region, (Yaounde) # 43
-Littoral Region, (Douala)
-West Region, (Baffousam) #03

Public Health authorities say each patient is treated relative to the severity of their infection.

This requires a massive amount of material and specially trained health personnel to appropriately respond to this health need.

Stepping Up Material and Human Resources

In December 2019, when the Covid-19 outbreak was reported in China’s Wuhan city, Public health authorities aquired material resources and trained health personnel in preparation of a health emergency.

Five hospitals were set aside as treatment centers for the disease;
-The Yaounde Central Hospital
-The Douala Laquintinine hospital
-Jamot Hospital
-The Yaounde General hospital
-The Baffousam Regional Hospital

When the first cases were eventually reported, public health authorities extended treatment centers to the other eight regions of the country.

Accordingly, more personnel were trained and material resources acquired for regional hospitals where patients would be treated.

In slightly over two weeks , the country saw confirmed cases scale to 27, and now 56 .

But as  the figures continue to soar, the Public Health Minister is emphasizing on why the population must respect safety measures.

In a tweet this March 23 , he says ” I want to draw everyone’s attention to the observance of barrier measures if we are to save our lives and that of those close to us”.

The Public Health Minister’s Tweet

Adherence to the safety measures prescribed by the government is the only way to stem the current spread of the virus.

Life-Saving Preventive Measures

-Wash your hands with clean runny water or an alcohol based solution

– Cover you nose or mouth with a tissue when coughing, sneezing or use a bent elbow

-Do not shake hands

-Respect social distancing measures

-Stay at home

And if you come in contact with an infected person or suspect  you have caught the virus, call these numbers ;

#677 89 93 69
#677 89 43 64
#677 89 76 44
#677 90 01 57


Kathy Neba Sina

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