Insecurity: Two police officers and a civilian arrested for fraud in Passport production

A clandestine network of three, specialised in collecting exorbitant amounts of money from passport applicants has been dismantled by the police force.

The group promises express passports at amounts as high four hundred thousand CFAF far from the official rate that stands at seventy eight thousand CFA francs.

They were arrested in Yaoundé on February 20, 2020 while they were attempting to extort a similar amount from a Cameroonian student based in Canada who had returned to the country to renew her passport.

The victim reported the scam to the Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele who probed an investigation.

The investigation resulted in the arrest of Angoa George Emmanuel, First Grade Police Constable,  Ngoh David Marlin who works at the frontier police and Senior Police Constable Olondo Estelle Nadia working at the 5th District public security Police Station.

Police Superintendent Meva Vincent de Paul who carried out the investigation warned users that the Delegate General of National Security has warned users that those who are caught giving or receiving more than the official fare for the production of passports will be arrested on charges of corruption.

He added that the suspects took advantage of the security of passports but noted that there is a security stock available for issuance of passports for persons on medical evacuation, students and other emergency cases pending a change of operator.

The Director of Frontier Police, Mesing Jean Louis indicated that the production of passports has been witnessing some challenges because the General Delegation for National Security is switching operators in the production of the travel document.

He noted that a toll free number 1550 has opened for users to call and have any information regarding the production of their passports or National Identify Card.

According to articled 318 (1) c, the suspects risks an imprisonment of five to ten years and with a fine of between one hundred thousand and one million CFAF.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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