Ivorian Artist Meiway Pays Hommage To Cameroon.

The song ” Tu dit qoui” by Meiway released last week showcase the riches of the Country.

After paying Hommage to the bamileke tribe in his song “Bami power”, the artist is back this time with “tu dit qoui”which valorises
Cameroon , Africa imminiature according to him.

This song composed using the bendskin rythm of the West region of Cameroon is like a of postal card of the majority of the 10 regions of the country, its delicacies,habits, customs and oral expressions.

“Tu dit qoui produced in Cameroon is an excerpt of Meiway’s album”Legende” released in 2019 produced by Alpha and Omega production.

In less than 1week the song has more than 250.000 views on YouTube already.
This artist snd creator of the ”Zoblazo” musical genre has about 13 albums to his credit.

Meiway born in 1962 in Gand Bassam Ivory coast is one of Africa’s renowned artists thanks to his genre and multidimensional talent.
It is worth noting that this lover of Cameroon began his career in the 80s.

Natacha Lehman

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