Parliament: 167 Members of the National Assembly receive attributes

The 167 members of the National Assembly elected during the February 9, 2020 presidential election have received attributes that confers on them the title of “Honourable”.

They received the attributed during a plenary session attended by the Prime Minister – Head of Government at the college of Cabinet Ministers, The President of the Constitutional Council, heads of diplomatic representations in Cameroon and a cross section of supporters of the different parties represented at the National Assembly.

The session was presided over by the Eldest Member of the House who is chairing deliberations pending the election of a permanent Bureau.

She invited representatives of each of the six validation boards set up to scrutinise the credentials of elected members of the National Assembly to present their reports. One after the other, all the reports were declared satisfaction and amended.

#Parliament 167 Members of the 10th legislature of the National Assembly have received their attributes conferring on them the title of Honourable

Publiée par CRTVweb sur Lundi 16 mars 2020

At the end of the exercise, the Members of the National Assembly were then told to wear the attributes.


The besides the title of Honourable, the attributes also confers parliamentary immunity on each of the members of the National Assembly.

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