Secucirity: Government Condemns Acts of Violence Perpetrated against Non-Commissioned Officer

The government of Cameroon has condemned in strong terms acts of violence perpetrated on a non-commissioned officer of the National Gendarmerie by supporters of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) in Garoua North Region.

This information is contained in a press release issued by the minister of Communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi, stating the facts of the incident.

He says the Non Commissioned Officer of the National Gendarmerie was molested by the CRM party supporters, members of a delegation of the leader of the said political party while on transit through the town.

Images of the abuse quickly circulated on social media receiving widespread condemnation.

The minister states that the weapon of the Non Commissioned officer was even seized in the process by the party supporters.

Minister Sadi said in the release that the officer was in active duty and acted within his rights when the incident ensued.

He said the officer was circulating by means of his service motorcycle to make his way through the crowd, which is often the case on such circumstances when he was attacked.

Rene Sadi stated that the concerned officer did not try to make use of his service gun, which was carefully arranged in its case during the incident.

It is reported that without remorse of the act, some CRM party supporters have inadvertently tried to justify the assault perpetrated against the personnel of the National Gendarmerie by alleging that the former had tried to undermine the physical integrity of their political party leader.

The Minister of Communication says the information crosschecked by competent specialized services confirms in an incontestable manner that the abused Staff Sergeant and some of his colleagues were regularly assigned on a classic intelligence gathering mission in conformity with the professional usage and prerogatives of rights vested on the Law Enforcement Forces and was not in any way assigned to attempt on the life the CRM leader.

The Minister says an investigation has been prescribed by the authorities to be conducted by the North Gendarmerie Legion so as to establish responsibility in conformity with the laws and regulations of the Republic.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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